SHS Welcomes Jennifer James and Behnaz Behzadi to the Artist Pop Up Space for the month of May

May Pop-Up Artists - Jennifer James and Behnaz Behzadi. The image features clay / mixed textile work by Jennifer James and watercolour artwork by Behnaz Behzadi.

Jennifer James – Artistic Alchemist

Jennifer James, a local Steveston resident, is a multi-textural artist who started her art journey from the time she could hold a crayon. She has been crafting pottery since the tender age of 13, experimenting with different forms of hand building. She is fascinated by the spiritual significance of nature in all forms and adds this extra layer of interest to her work, blending her art with her spiritual connection to nature.

In 2006, Jennifer migrated to the South Pacific, where she couldn’t continue with pottery. This proved to be an opportunity for her to learn oil painting and fashion design. She loves making her own clothes but hates the leftover scraps of fabric. That’s when she came up with the brilliant idea of making Woodland tree spirits from left over fabric and making clay faces and chest pieces.

For this exhibit in the Pop Up art space at the Steveston Museum, Jennifer was able to explore two new firing techniques, raku and saggar. With the help of a fellow potter, Jennifer has been able to explore the unpredictable nature of saggar and raku pottery. Jennifer loves the unpredictability of these firing methods and delights in the unexpected results. Opening a saggar firing is like opening a present on Christmas morning, you have no idea what to expect. It is this excitement that keeps Jennifer interested in exploring pottery and all the ways you can manipulate and change it, alchemy at its best.

Behnaz Behzadi

Behnaz Behzadi, born in Tehran, Iran, has dedicated over four decades to her passion for art with a particular focus on painting. Throughout her pastime she has demonstrated a commitment to honing her skills in both watercolour and oil painting. Alongside her personal artistic pursuits, Behnaz has generously shared her expertise by teaching watercolour techniques to students in grades 5, 6 & 7 at R.M. Grauer Elementary School. Behnaz remains actively engaged in the art community and in 2020 she demonstrated her altruism by selling her artwork and donating the proceeds to the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

This year, through sales from her Pop Up art show at the Steveston Museum & Post Office, she will continue her philanthropic endeavours by supporting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Behnaz Behzadi’s unwavering dedication to both her craft and charitable causes exemplifies her multifaceted contributions to the artistic and humanitarian spheres.


A percentage of all art sales goes towards Steveston Historical Society programs and events that support our community.