Constitution & Bylaws

Steveston Historical Society

The Steveston Historical Society (SHS) has been in place since 1976 to preserve and promote the history of Steveston, British Columbia.

Our Board of Directors is made up completely of volunteers who work on events, programs, and community engagement pieces that help to inform Steveston residents and visitors about its heritage.

Constitution & Bylaws Document

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Steveston Alive! Walking Tour Vignettes
Stroll through historic Steveston Village as the past comes to life with the Steveston Alive! Walking Tour Vignettes.
Sarah Glen with Chair Linda Barnes and new ED Rachel Meloche
On August 1, Rachel Meloche will become executive director of the Steveston Historical Society.
The Canada Post office in Steveston’s Museum in the heart of Steveston Village has been a popular neighbourhood stop for both locals and visitors for over 40 years.

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