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Sharing Our History – Red Binders by Kathy Steves

Kathy Steves' red binders sit on a table ready for visitors to look through them.

Please visit Steveston Museum and Post Office to view these binders full of historic information about Steveston, some of its noteworthy residents, and events over the years.

Each binder represents one year, beginning in 1976, with articles collected by Steveston resident Kathy Steves, from news clippings, society newsletters, and various other sources. They provide a glimpse of Steveston’s more recent past.

Thank you Kathy!

The binders will be rotated during the month of December and will be on display during the year at various times.

SHS Honours Harold and Kathy Steves

The Steveston Historical Society honoured Harold and Kathy Steves’ contribution to our Society on Saturday, November 26, immediately following our first Songs in the Snow event for 2022. The celebration included the unveiling of a portrait of Harold (painted by talented artist, Jennifer Heine and generously donated by Bob Ransford). The portrait will remain on display at the Steveston Museum & Post Office.

Thank you to Clare Scott for taking the photos of this event:

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