The Board of Directors

Linda Barnes

Chair - Linda Barnes

Linda is a retired city councillor working to make the SHS the thread connecting many societies in Steveston. "Living in Steveston is like living in a small town, where people know and help each other. Sometimes we squabble but that's because we care about the people and village we live in."

Johanna Stewart

Vice Chair - Johanna Stewart

Johanna has lived and volunteered in Steveston with her husband and two children for 20+ years. Steveston is a welcoming and unique place and she loves the enthusiasm residents have for living here. Johanna hopes to contribute to preserving the stories and spirit of Steveston for future generations.

Joanne Teraguchi

2nd Vice Chair - Joanne Teraguchi

Joanne joined the SHS to help maintain the small town atmosphere and historical feel of Steveston. She has lived in Richmond for 45 years, her husband grew up in Steveston and Richmond. Her grown children still live in Richmond and are raising their children here.

Gail Hamamoto

Secretary - Gail Hamamoto

Gail's father was born in Steveston and lived here until the second World War. Her extended family has been instrumental in building the community into what it is today. As a result, Gail hopes to contribute what she can towards preserving this diverse history for future generations.

Carmen Keitsch

Treasurer - Carmen Keitsch

Carmen has lived in Richmond for 28 years and enjoys being involved with the Steveston Historical Society, working to preserve Steveston as a Historic town. She has been a part of the fishing industry for 26 years. She lives with her son and enjoys walking the local dyke and taking care of animals.

Glenn Tinkley

Glenn Tinkley

Glenn is a lifelong Richmond resident who retired from Richmond Fire-Rescue in 2011 after serving for 37 years. He lives in Steveston with his wife Terry (also a lifelong Richmondite) and has two children. He enjoys meeting up with friends, being outdoors, boating, fishing, biking, and traveling.


Michael Chiu

Michael is generous with his time, knowledge, and expertise in helping his community. He agrees with the Richmond motto that Richmond is a great place to live, work and play. His hobbies include golfing, soccer, ballroom dancing, traveling, and spending time with his grandchildren.

Sal Bhullar

Treasurer - Sal Bhullar

Sal is proud to come from an active cranberry farming family. They have had the privilege of living and raising 3 children in Richmond for 30+ years. Sal is committed to preserving farming for future generations and to volunteering and giving back to the community that has given her family so much.

Karina Reid

Karina Reid

Karina is passionate about community and connection. She has a young family and wants them to learn from the rich cultural heritage Steveston has to offer. She ran in the last municipal election and is a community advocate. She is extremely proud to live here, and enjoys hiking, biking, yoga and anything outdoor that she can explore.

Judie Schneider

Judie Schneider

Judie has been a community activist for more than 25 years. She lives and works in Steveston Village and is passionate about its preservation and making it a destination of choice for both locals and visitors. Judie recently completed her Certificate of Professional Communication from UBC.

Our Staff

Rachel Meloche

Executive Director - Rachel Meloche

Sarah Glen

Webmaster - Sarah Glen

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