Artist Pop-up Space Welcomes Scott Pleydell-Pearce, M.L.(Marv) Skelton & Arlene Skelton for February

The Artist Pop-up Space welcomes Scott Pleydell-Pearce, M.L.(Marv) Skelton, & Arlene Skelton for the month of February at Steveston Museum and Post Office. 

A percentage of all art sales goes towards Steveston Historical Society programs and events that support our community.

M.L.(Marv) Skelton has always had an interest in painting and drawing and joined the Richmond Artist Guild in 1994.

“I find the act of painting very creative. Within the one discipline you can change, grow and evolve forever”

He is a founding member of “Men in Hats” a plein air group of lower mainland artists who paint every Tuesday at various locations throughout the GVRD.

In addition, Arlene Skelton, member of Richmond Potters Club, joins Marv to showcase her beautiful pottery.

Scott Pleydell-Pearce has been an artist all of his life and at 55 years of age he has packed in a lot of experience. His working career is in the world of Animation where he has filled many roles from Animator (2D and 3D) to a Series Director for TV animation.

Scott started painting in watercolour 12 years ago. Self-taught, he threw himself into the enormous challenge that is watercolour painting. His style can be described as bold, energetic and dynamic. He has the ability to draw very accurately but also turn his hand to a looser approach as well.

Embracing the outdoors, he paints En Plein Air as much as possible as nature is truly the greatest teacher.
Instagram: scottpleydellpearce
FB: scott.pleydellpearce